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Most people generally ask themselves why they should use solar energy and how it can be such a form of energy that can benefit them? Well, it’s time to realize the true benefits of solar energy or technology. With time, solar power is becoming a major trend in renewable energy. Some homeowners and commercial building owners are not installing solar panels in Ashford on the roof to enjoy all the advantages. Do you want to take advantage of it and want to save money while making your home more energy efficient? You can always trust BAIRD AND BROWN LTD, as one of the best solar panel installers in Ashford.

We are a committee for powering the country towards a clean and renewable energy future. BAIRD AND BROWN LTD supplies businesses and homes with durable and efficient solar panels and battery storage solutions that will lead to carbon reductions, financial savings as well as energy independence.

Solar Panel Ashford

Solar PV Panels with EPVS Energy Performance Validation

EPVS is one type of regulatory certification that ensures that the processes or methods used by the solar panel installers in Ashford to ensure maximum energy savings, storing and generating power for home energy products are highly valued as well as accurate. We at BAIRD AND BROWN LTD always aim to help people in making the right purchase, and we will guide you in every step, from understanding their energy requirements to getting the best residential solar panels in Ashford and its maintenance.

Not only we are experienced, but we also provide our clients with unrivaled services, supported by impressive warranties. When it comes to buying the best solar energy products, you can always trust BAIRD AND BROWN LTD.

Installing Solar PV Panels with Maximum Peace of Mind

Switching to clean energy is a smart as well as a long-term commitment. That’s why it is advisable to always work with an experienced, resilient, reliable solar panel installation partner with a good and impressive track record in this field.

  • Customer Satisfaction

BAIRD AND BROWN LTD places great emphasis on the solar thermal Ashford and installation quality. Besides, we always guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

  • You, Will, Always Be in Touch with The Experts

Every installation project will be handled by an experienced and dedicated project manager who will always help the clients from their initial survey through to O&M and more. You don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Accredited Solutions

When you are with BAIRD AND BROWN LTD, you can always have peace of mind that we have gone through extensive assessments and training to acquire different industry accreditations. Whether you are looking for quality residential or commercial solar panels in Ashford, you can always trust Us.

Commercial solar panel

Best Solar Battery Storage Solution for Your Home

Boost the solar panel system’s efficiency and get ready to enjoy some additional benefits by integrating your commercial and residential solar PV panels with a powerful and advanced battery storage solution.

We bring you the best solar batteries using which you will have better control over your total energy consumption, and you can easily store solar energy in an efficient manner.

As a leading solar energy solutions provider in Ashford, UK, we provide our clients with a complete solution for solar battery storage, including battery storage analysis, suggesting the right technologies, and battery storage installation. Get in touch with us not to get your no-obligation, cost-free quote.

Why Should You Invest in Solar PV Panels?

There are different reasons to go solar. Some of the important reasons to choose solar panels of BAIRD AND BROWN LTD.

  • You can enhance your home EPC- Energy performance certificate.
  • You will be able to lower global warming.
  • You can easily lower your carbon footprint.
  • With our solar panels, you can offer the maximum level of energy security for your family.
  • This will allow you to build your own green and clean power station..

How Can a Solar Battery Benefit Your Home?

  • You will utilize the maximum of your solar power. You will be able to continuously power your home with sustainability and clean energy throughout the day and night.
  • You can generate higher savings. With our powerful battery storage solutions, you can store free solar energy, and your dependency on the grid power will be low.
  • Using smart batteries, you can easily monitor your building’s solar production as well as energy consumption through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Best Solar System Maintenance Services

Are you looking for the best and most affordable solar panel maintenance in Ashford solutions? Don’t look here and there, get in touch with BAIRD AND BROWN LTD now. By scheduling regular servicing and maintenance with us, you can make sure that your solar PV panels are operating properly and are performing to their maximum capacity.

Every solar system is designed individually, and they need a different level of maintenance. You can trust us for that. BAIRD AND BROWN LTD offers reactive as well as preventive maintenance of solar panel systems that our experts have installed. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in solar PV systems and can undertake maintenance, servicing as well repairs of solar systems installed by others. Besides, we also offer solutions for your existing solar PV system upgrade.

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BAIRD AND BROWN LTD is confident in offering the best solar panel system installation services at the right prices. We also follow the industry standards and rules. Call us now and get ready to take advantage of solar energy. 

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