Blog 1 Why EV Charger Installations by Baird and Brown ltd?


Baird and Brown Ltd is a renowned name for EV charger installers that have over 30 years of expertise in the field of electrical installations and range from Electric Vehicle Charging points to newly built developments, garden lighting, rewiring, consumer unit upgrades to even small socket changes. Our team specializes in EV charge points that are safe and come with a weatherproof mechanism. Some of the EV chargers installed by us in Ashford Kent work on a system that automatically detects the cheapest electricity tariffs through smart charge points. These charge points are sleek, and WIFI enabled that aid in the minuscule of monitoring and providing real-time updates.

Unique Selling Propositions of the EV Charger Installations

The home car charging points supplied at Ashford Kent by us are safe & secure and monitored by qualified engineers. Most of the brands are covered by these home charging systems and is a very simplified process. All one needs to do is simply plug your electric vehicle in the slot or the charge point offered by us when the vehicle is not in use. The best suggested time to recharge the vehicle is at night as it can get cost-effective.

The Win-Win Advantages

EV cars have always been an added advantage and a boon for the environmental balance. They have been economical and easy to maintain. As the EV industry grows home chargers have evolved and continue to grow.

They have the advantages of:

Being Faster - And effectively installed 7KW home charger can charge the battery as quickly as aproximatly 30 miles per hour of charge.

Convenience - Having a home charger installed gives full control of when to charge. This can just end the countless hours of lining up at the EV charging stations. They even adopt dynamic ways to avoid overloading the fuses so that the EV charger doesn't cause any power surges.

Longer Battery Life - A few hours of tap energy can be avoided and home EV chargers can help in long and constant charging which can improve the battery life.

Compatibility - The home charging points that we offer are compatible with a multitude of EV car manufacturers. They can even add the property value.

Benefits of EV Charging Installers

The EV chargers installed by us are cost-effective and technology-driven steps in the apt direction towards sustaining our planet. Another advantage is the usage of EV cars reduces any kind of carbon emissions. A smart EV charger uses technology that gives control over the energy we use. Also, our home car charging points have software that directly integrates with WIFI that has full control over the car’s charging rate. It aligns with signals from the grid.

The professionally installed EV home charging points can be even subsidised with government grants. There is a thorough site assessment for the vehicle charging installation needs. We deploy the strategy of programmable charging including the electric rate preference to begin and end the charging session during the off-peak hours when power is much less expensive. We have made a zero-emission future our prime motto and the entire process of purchasing, installing, and servicing a new home charging station a quick, smooth, and seamless function.

Why Baird & Brown’s EV Chargers?

The unique and complete end-to-end solutions i.e. home car charging point by us offered are smart, safe, innovative, and are suitable for different EV categories, makes, and models. Besides, you get the flexibility of choosing a space to install while choosing an EV charger for homes. We provide unmatched compatibility and quality craftsmanship and boundaryless customer service. Our home car charging points are truly unique and are a one-stop solution with simplicity personified.

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